Find Your Local Pod

Michigan is large and the regions that connect to the Great Lakes even larger. To assist with helping us find your local pods, swim meet ups and connect with other merfolk we have broken

Michigan into pod regions. This allows us to have friends and swim meets without everyone feeling they need to drive 5+ hours to get to the states only meets. We also are building a list of approved swim locations, this way if you prefer to swim with your own family, friends, and pods and not join a group, you have places that are used to seeing tails and know how to help if you experience any issues.

Local Pods

To help us all find our locals here is the new locations post. Organized first by Michigan chapters and then alphabetically by state regions. If you are one of those out of Michigan Regions please let me know the link to any local pods for your areas! This will help others find those local connections.

Find your regional pods on the current map, we will soon have pages set up for regional pod meets for our chapter leaders to be able to post updated swim meet schedules. Please be sure to dig through local photographer recommendations, community events, and local pod shoots.

Visit our Shoot Locations page to view a complete listing of recommended and safe shoot locations. Please note this list may not include some locations due to our determination that it may be unsafe to visit this site IE – waterfalls that you must traverse through private properties to reach. We do not wanting you getting hurt on treacherous terrain or into an altercation with property owners.

***A special page and note about Kitch-iti-kipi – While this place is absolutely beautiful and a picture of serenity and bliss – You ARE NOT ALLOWED to swim here. It is closely monitored by state DNR and it is even heavily frowned upon to do photoshoot’s here, I recommend contacting their onsite office to find out about any photography licensing fees/forms that they may require before just showing up to take pictures in tail.



East Upper Peninsula Pod

Regional Pod Leader – No Pod/Leader

Metro Detroit Pod

Regional Pod Leader – Rhianna Noelle

Mid Michigan Pod

Regional Pod Leader – Ter Brazier

Northern Michigan Pod

Regional Pod Leader – Rachel Melin

Saginaw Valley Pod

Regional Pod Leader – Jade Elizabeth Braendle

Southwest Michigan Pod

Regional Pod Leader – Lindsay Nitz

Upper Great Lakes Pod

Regional Pod Leader – No Pod/Leader

West Central Michigan Pod

Regional Pod Leader – No Pod/Leader

West Upper Peninsula Pod

Regional Pod Leader – No Pod/Leader

Illinois Mermaid Pod

The Illinois Mer-Pod

Indiana Mermaid Pod

Minnesota Mermaid Pod

New York Mermaid Pod

Ohio Mermaid Pod

Ontario Mermaid Pod

Pennsylvania Mermaid Pod

Wisconsin Mermaid Pod